Hannie Sarris Fairy Fantasy Art

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Hannie Sarris passed away May 2nd, 2010.




Mind is the master power
that molds and makes
and we are mind
and evermore we take
the tool of thought
and shaping what we will
bring forth a thousand joys
a thousand ills
we think in secret
and it comes to pass
our world is but
our looking glass.

(James Allen)


 Figurative art is my way
to transform my fantasy into a visible reality.

It means freedom of material,
colour and form.

The figures stand for emotion and a metamorphose,
which is too rapid for the eye to behold.

They recall the suspicion that,
if you will turn around in stead of watching them,
they will suddenly move and turn away,
or simply start laughing at you...

The expectation speaks that each moment,
unasked and unmerited, but not unexpected,
a miracle can take place...

Hannie Sarris - Hulstein

(see here a link to "the doll as art")


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