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Dear doll maker / visitor of my website.

For my own figures, I have in stock several very good doll making materials:


Information about books and doll making materials:

Fairy Fantasy Dollmaking book

Very good and popular book about dollmaking.

15 euro excluded shipping and handling
Click on the book for more information.


Fairy Skin Paint


It is available in 3 beautiful shades:

Pale Shimmer, a very pale and tender shade.
Warm Breeze, a light and warm shade.
Sun Kissed, a wonderful deeper and very natural shade. 

Please see the page Clay-Paint for more information

One bottle of paint of 240 ml is 12,50 euro
One bottle is appr. 355 grams.
With one bottle you can paint 8 - 10 dolls size 18 inches,
the paint can be used for air brush.

At the moment not in stock!!!!!




Each package of PREMIX is 415 grams, included the wrap.
Premix is 7,00 euro for one package.

Each package of La Doll Clay is 515 grams, included the wrap.
La Doll clay is 5,00 euro for one package. 

Please see the page Clay-Paint for more information about
Premix, Premier, La Doll and how to work with them.



 Galvanized Wire
1,1 mm - special for making the
wire armature for dolls.
6,00 euro 50 meters

Silver Wire
0,40 mm - the best thikness for
sculpting the fingers
3,00 euro - 20 meters


Stryrofoam balls specially for air dry clay,
size 4 and 3 cm.
0,50 euro each.

Oval Glass Eyes

I sell beautiful oval glass eyes which are very suitable for
dolls of air dry clay and polymer, as these eyes
can be baked, together with the doll.

6 mm (iris 3 mm) 6,50 euro per pair,
8 mm (iris 4 mm) 6,50 euro per pair,
10 mm (iris 6 mm) 6,50 euro per pair,

For a doll head size 3 cm you need eyes of 6 mm.
For a doll head size 4-5 cm you need eyes of 6-8 mm.
For a doll head size 6-7 cm you need eyes of 8-10 mm.

The drawing in the iris of the 6 and 8 mm eyes is miminal,
compare tot the 10 mm size.

Oval Acryl Eyes

I have very realistic oval acryl eyes for sale,
in 10 wonderful vibrant and natural colours, special
for figures of air dry clay.

6 mm (iris 3 mm) - 4,50 per pair,
8 mm (iris 4 mm) - 4,50 euro per pair
10 mm (iris 5 mm) -4,50 euro per pair

For a doll head size 3 cm you need eyes of 6 mm.
For a doll head size 4-5 cm you need eyes of 6 or 8 mm.
For a doll head size 6-7 cm you need eyes of 8 or 10 mm.


piece of 18 cm length - enough for 8 dolls
hair length 4 mm, black, blond, brown
4,50 euro per piece

Tibetan lamb hair


For my own dolls I use often Tibetan Lam or Viscose hair.

For small and fine sculpted dolls, like fairies, nothing
can compare to hair like this.

Tibetan lamb is sold as a piece of skin with the most
beautiful soft  and silky curly hair.

I sell this hair in the (skin)size:
9 x 7 cm - 5,00 euro

This piece is big enough for a doll head size 4-5 cm.
If your doll is larger, you need more pieces.

Tibetan lamb is available in 22 lovely shades

Please see this link for all the available colours.


Viscose Hair

See here a beautiful example of viscose hair.



Viscose Doll Hair

Viscose is lustrous fiber.
It is just perfect for fine dolls.
Viscose can be curled, braided, or pleated to form loose waves.
One full strand of 20 cm should be enough for at least one wig. 

One strand of 20 cm is 4,00 euro.



You can order high quality dollmaking tools
specially for working with air dry clay
(the same tools as I use for myself and my students)


Metal sculpting spatula with a fine scoop
and point ideal for sculpting - 6 euro

Very fine high quality needle file
to sand and smooth the very fine details of your doll,
such as nose, eyes, ears, mouth - 5 euro

Metal clay needle
For cutting fresh sculpture, and making precise details
such as eye lids, mouth, nails etc.,
3,50 euro

Special high quality flat nylon (filament)
brushes for painting a beautiful smooth skin,
these brushes are available in the size #4/6 and #10/8.
#4/6 is very good for painting the hands, feet, face etc.
4,50 euro
#10/8 is very good for painting arms, legs, body.
3,50 euro

Special high quality round nylon (filament)
  sculpting brushes 
# 8 (to moisten your work well) - 4,50 euro
# 3 (for smoothing the details) - 3,50 euro

Special high quality round nylon (filament)
  sculpting/ painting brushes 
# 1 (for detailing very small parts and painting) - 3,00 euro
# 0-00 (for painting very small detials, such as eyes, lips etc.) - 3,00 euro


Special high quality very fine flat spotter brush with a point shape,
very small size #0, exellent for painting eyes, 3,50 euro 

sanding sponges


Very fine sanding sponges
in the size 11 x 14 cm

medium, fine, super fine and micro fine!

Very usefull for sanding dolls of
air dry clay and polymer clay.
You can cut a sponge in 8 small pieces,
so you can reach all the parts of your doll.
After use, you dan rinse it.

medium - 2,50 euro
fine - 2,50 euro
super fine - 2,50 euro

Helmar Crystal Kote Matt - Excellent Varnish

Talens Acryl Varnish Super Matt - 11,00 euro
is a non-yellowing permanent clear very matt finish for
artwork such as acrylic or oil paintings or artwork
with a acrylic or oil paint finish - skin.
Gives a permanent VERRY Matt protection,
whilst still retaining flexibility.
Prevents tarnishing yellowing.
INTERIOR USE ONLY. Available size
400g (US 14.11oz)


Shipping  parcels
Standard shipping

Only possible for parcels up to 2 kilogram (2000 gram)
1 or 2 items can be packed in a simple bubble envelope,
which is appr. 20 gram.

Shipping Standard - Inside Europa
0-500 gram - Priority  8,50 euro - Normal 8 euro
500-2000 gram - Priority 14 euro - Normal 12 euro
Shipping Standard - Worldwide
0-500 gram - Priority 12,50 euro - Normal  9,50 euro
500-2000 gram - Priority 22 euro - Normal 20 euro

Priority Plus parcels with insurancy

0 - 2 kilogram (2000 gram)
(A box to contain more than 2 item, is app. 300 gram)
Worldwide 26 euro
Europe - 19 - 22 euro
(depends on the country)

2- 5 kilogram (5000 gram) **
(A large box to contain several items, is app. 500 gram)
Worldwide 36 euro
Europe - 22 - 29 euro
(depends on the country)